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"David is a virtuosic performer whose talent I have enjoyed for years. In fact, he's usually the first call I make when throwing an affair."
Patricia Neal - Actress

".. a truly facile, seemingly indestructible pianist with a bonus of a sense of humor."
Rebecca Paris, Jazz Vocalist

"David Crohan is much more than a technically gifted pianist. He is a great communicator, conveying each piece with a transparent beauty"
Nis Kildegaard - Music Critic, Vineyard Gazette

"David is a wonderfully talented pianist. His music gives me lots of pleasure and I'm sure it will please all you folks too"
Dave McKenna - world renowned jazz pianist

"When David Crohan leaves Martha's Vineyard, he takes the last genuine live music with him"
Bud Collins - Sports

"Yours is a very special success story, and I know my husband and I will enjoy listening to the beautiful music which you have recorded."
Nancy Reagan

"The Character of a Genius "
by Carla Cy Thurston

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